You know those questions.  They are the ones that stop you in your tracks.  Make you press the pause button on your life.  Put the screen down.  And yes, the ones that make you take stock of where you are, who you are and what you’re doing. 

And usually, when you have powerful positive change in your life, it comes from answering a question that maybe you’ve been dodging or even afraid to answer.

There’s the Dan Sullivan question:  Is your past bigger than your future?  He actually wrote an entire book on the topic. That question alone can help you create a new pathway.  Think of tomorrow as a blank slate and envision how you can make your future matter more to you and the people you love. 

There is the central question of what do you stand for?  What are your values and are they aligning with the decisions that you’re making in life?

These are big questions and they usually can’t be answered by the end of your morning latte.  The key for you is to start asking them and giving them the thought and time that they deserve.

At Bluestone Life, we know a little about these kind of transformative questions.  Our founder asked the question:  what if life insurance protected not only your family, but also your community and our planet?  What if it was a force for good that was amplified by every policy sold?  Asking that question led him to create Bluestone Life.

What questions are you asking right now?  Are you a financial advisor redefining what success looks like? Are you looking for an ownership opportunity? If you want to work with a company of Practical Activists™ who believe in collaborating with our customers to connect their decisions to the greater good, reach out to us at

If you want to know more about life insurance and how your purchase can protect your family, your community and the planet, get to know us or talk to us today.

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