Last week was National Forest Week. Maybe that wasn’t on your calendar? So, we’d like to keep the momentum going, and talk about something you may not be thinking about: how can you connect the health of our forests to your finances?

When we think of our forests, we think of connection.  The place we go to feel alive.  To grow.  To heal.  To reflect.  It’s an unmistakable and powerful bond to who we are and our bond to the land and its creatures great and small.  And today, our forests need us more than ever.  As massive deforestation continues and global climate change accelerates, you may often ask yourself:  what can I do to have impact? 

When we started Bluestone Life, that was the question we asked ourselves:  how can we amplify the power of life insurance to protect families, communities, and our planet? 


A Powerful Partnership for our Forests 

The answer we came up with was to create Premiums with Purpose to benefit high-impact non-profits like the National Forest Foundation (NFF).  Here’s how it works:  when you choose a life insurance policy from Bluestone, 1% of your annual premium goes to NFF and an additional 1% of your death benefit can also be paid to NFF.  You’ve amplified your life insurance twice to support NFF’s mission. 


Our Values are Connected 

We chose to partner with NFF because our values were connected like the root systems underneath a mighty forest floor.   NFF’s powerful message of “It’s all yours” is an open call to all Americans to revel in the beauty of our forests and to participate in their health and vitality. Bluestone’s message is equally inclusive: we’re Practical Activists™ who collaborate with our customers to connect your decisions to the greater good.  We’re both passionate about preserving our planet and giving everyone access to forests and finance. 

And for all the dark and gloomy headlines out there, that is the good news.  There is a lot you can do, and we’re all in it together.  And a big part of that is how your daily purchases and financial life choices can have a powerful and positive impact on the planet. 


Here are just a few more actions you can take to make your purchases and choices have long-term impact. 

#1) Plant the future.  You can support forest health and tree planting projects by donating to high-impact non-profits, like the National Forest Foundation (NFF).  You can literally use your money to plant the future. 

#2) Make your Purchases Count.  You can purchase goods and services from businesses like ours that support NFF and other like-minded nonprofits.  Get to know the companies that are part of 1% for the Planet.  To date, 1% for the Planet members have contributed more than $253 million to environmental progress.  

#3) Banking with a Soul.  You can bank with a Certified B Corp, or a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV). GABV is an independent network of banks using finance to deliver sustainable economic, social, and environmental development. 

#4) Invest with Purpose.  Look for investment managers and organizations whose philosophy aligns with the United Nations backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), and are a signatory to demonstrate their commitment. 


So, the next time you’re getting the blues from the daily news, look no further than your own wallet.  The money you already spend can have a big impact with no additional expense to you.   It’s all about seeing the daily connections in your life that make a difference. 

We look forward to talking with you and working together to protect your family, community, and the forests. 

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