Women's history is both honoring the strong shoulders that we stand upon and celebrating the women making history every day with the work they're doing for family, community and planet.

Here are a few of our Practical Activists that inspire us and the teams they lead:

Alt HeadshotMonique Aiken, The Investment Integration Project

"To me, impact investing is about taking responsibility for what others may call 'externalities' and being intentional to find solutions and create positive outcomes for more people and the planet, centering racial and gender justice in that thinking. " Read more.



Kate Williams, 1% for the Planet

"I think that the trend that has staying power is that it’s not an extra to have sustainability as part of your brand.  It’s become more of a core business decision. Companies are thinking how to integrate better sustainability practices."   Read more.



Corie with Cows

Corie Pierce, Owner, Farmer, Bread & Butter Farm

"It’s not just about building the land, but also building the human community too.  We need to build a sustainable way of life for our farmers, one that can involve people being able to take a break and take a vacation and support young mothers when they have their first children.”  Read more.



Lakota Headshot_2Lakota Vogel, Four Bands Community Fund

"In general, I want to always be curious. Curiosity is like a muscle. You have to continue to flex it and you have to keep asking why. A lot of us work within these institutions, but if we’re not continuing to ask why and is this serving us, we’re going to continue to have the same outcomes. Every day is new and every day is a new question." Read more.



CAF Brandy_2Brandy Dreibelbis, Chef Ann Foundation

"School food is a social justice issue.  We believe in healthier food for everyone and we strive to bring healthier food to children in schools.  30 million kids take part in the national school lunch program daily, and 21 million qualify for free and reduced meals, and that’s why our work is so important to the food system overall.  It’s a crucial piece of community health and well-being. " Read more.



See how a policy from Bluestone Life supports the work of these women and social and environmental nonprofits working for family, community and planet.


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