I work for Bluestone as the Director of Operations and live in Vermont with my wife and two teenage daughters (pictured above on the shore of Lake Champlain).

Why did I buy Bluestone universal life insurance policies for my daughters?


By buying policies for them now, I know that they will be able to have life insurance as adults, even if something happens to make them uninsurable in the future.

I can own and continue to pay the premiums for them as long as I wish, or I can transfer the ownership to them after they turn 18. (I won't do it then, but I could.)

I'm paying $40 per month to get their policies started, but I could contribute up to $8,000 in any given year. And I know if I make a few "bigger" contributions in the early years of their policies, that the cash value of the policies will grow into a meaningful asset to them down the road. 

As they're out in the world, they will be able to use the cash value of their policies for their financial security. Maybe it will help them secure a loan for a new business, be the down payment on their first house, or just be a little extra cushion to ease possible financial stress.

Even if I didn't work for Bluestone, I truly would have picked Bluestone's universal life insurance over others for two reasons:  1) there aren't any loads or commissions taken out and 2) it comes with the complimentary Impact Rider. I enjoyed explaining the Impact Rider to my daughters and talking to them about how Bluestone's policies support nonprofits working with social and environmental progress.  They liked picking their nonprofits (Chef Ann Foundation and 5 Gyres.)  While life insurance isn't their idea of a fun topic of conversation, they got excited about supporting nonprofits.

Life insurance is one of those To-Do's that is easy to put off.  I wish I had bought life insurance for them when they were younger, but it feels great to know that they have it now, and that I was able to engage with them about it and show them how our daily actions matter.

Proud to be a Bluestone employee AND customer!



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