I thought of flags in a new light. I discovered the depth of their power, their transcendent, transformational quality. I thought of the emotional connection they hold."
— GILBERT BAKER, designer of the original PRIDE flag

As the celebration of Pride Month comes to an end, we reflect on the symbolism of the flag,  what it means and how it inspires us all year long.  

When we think about transformation, we think about how we align our daily actions with our values.  When you're thinking about your finances, is your money supporting issues that are central to your identity...who you are and what you believe?

As a member of the B Corp community and 1% for the Planet, we want to engage in workforce inclusion and building trust with the LGBTQIA community all year longThat's why we partner with B Corp banks and financial advisors like Abacus Wealth Partners that are actively working on building inclusive community with their employees and their customers.   Climate First Bank, a 1% for the Planet member and pending B Corp, recently launched Pride Banking which supports the Kindred Pride Foundation.

Our life insurance is designed to be a tool for financial activism.  Our Premiums with Purpose® create a pipeline of giving for nonprofits working for social and environmental justice.  You can only see the forest through the trees when you see the intersectionality of human rights and dignity and the love and care of our planet. We call that family, community and planet. Check out the Outdoorist Oath, a 1% for the Planet nonprofit that is committed to planet, inclusion and adventure.

No one made that connection more clearly than Pattie Gonia at the 1% for the Planet Global Summit.  Here are a few lessons that everyone can appreciate every month of the year.  Keep the spirit of Pride alive! 



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