At Portland’s B Local PDX on March 25th, they hosted B Corps in financial services and added a new twist to the phrase “eat your lunch.” Instead of the Wall Street-charged energy of winner takes all, this “lunch and learn” focused on transparency and what customers need to be asking when they are talking to financial advisors, bankers and insurance companies.

Here are just a few quotes from the panel:

Craig Hill -  Vice President, Beneficial State Bank (Moderator)

“Bring intentionality to the financial decision-making process. What are you looking for you? What are your values? Come to the table knowing what’s important to you, so you’re asking the right questions.”


Georgia Lee Hussey - Founder & CEO, Modernist Financial

"Find an advisor that looks like you, thinks like you and reflects your values."

Nathan Irons - CEO, Bluestone Life Insurance

"Incentives matter. Make sure it is clear how the company and the person selling the product or service is paid. Transparency is key to making an informed decision and building trust."

Brent Kessel - Founder and CEO, Abacus Wealth Partners

"Ask your financial advisor to disclose what kinds of compensation they receive and have them put it in writing."


Manny Barragan - Client & Treasury Manager, Beneficial State Bank

"Take the time to do your due diligence and look at B Corp banks and community credit unions. Find out what banks are backing projects that you care about in your community."


You can watch the whole session here.



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